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Another awesome "How I Met Your Mother" invention like Barney's "Playbook" for example.

Bib is basically a piece of clothing that is used to protect your clothes from getting stained while eating. Think of it like an apron, but much smaller. It can also be made of plastic.

Brobibs is an idea that Barney "Mr. Awesome" Stinson came up with, after he lost his beloved red tie "Cornelius" by spilling ketch-up on it while eating at the MacLaren's pub.

Barney decided to make brobibs as a consequence of the unfortunate tragedy mentioned above, which would not only protect one's beloved clothing, but also bring about a new lifestyle and fashion.
I got new brobibs today. They are Legen, wait for it... DARY!

Studies show that 83% of awesome people wear brobibs.

Ted, Suit up! Also wear the brobibs I got you.

Person: "You can't pick up girls wearing brobibs."
Me: Challenge accepted!

Me: Picks up 59 girls in a week wearing brobibs. True Story
by nikshiv January 27, 2013
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