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(noun) An alcoholic beverage that consists of one cup of Natural Light or Keystone Light beer with a shot of Banker's Club vodka mixed in. It is usually served in a Solo cup but any plastic cup is adequate. The drink is typically garnished with a cigarette bud or the bone of a chicken wing.
I was at the Phi Sigma Alpha kegger last night and wanted to get f*cked up. I told my bro I didn't want to take straight shots so he made me a bro-tini that was off the chain.
by KidA RIP November 21, 2009
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The act of shaking (in ice) an otherwise bland and fratty drink consisting of 3rd tier liquor and chaser with a martini shaker and straining it into a martini glass; therefore bequeathing the class and sophistication that previously eluded what would otherwise be known as a brodrink.
Bro 1: Fellas, I picked up a fifth of svedka and sprite, let's pour this into a cup and make brodrinks.

Bro 2: I don't know bro, I feel like we should change things up tonight.

Bro 3: Tonight is special. I just got a promotion so we're goin all out tonight and making brotinis.

Bro 1+2: Bromance for days.
by Johnny-Bro December 28, 2009
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yet another branch off of derivatives of bro without all the bad connotations. see brollerskates
hey man i'm ordering a pizza..want in?

hells yeah brotini!
by GrizLee April 30, 2008
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When two or more bro’s go out to the bar and order martinis together. Most commonly martinis on happy hour special. I.e. $3 special for 50 Shades of Pink Martini
Me and the boys are going out for brotinis before happy hour ends so stop being a bitch so I can make it on time.
by MyPoopHoroscope October 03, 2019
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