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when a muscular guy looks for any opportunity to take off his shirt and showcase himself; often appearing as a douche-bag rather than cool
(me at stoplight): u know, it's only 68 degrees outside I don't think you need to run shirtless...

runner: dude it makes me aerodynamic!

me: yea ok, and I'm sure your six pack abs weren't gonna bro-case themselves, right?
by Bigfuzzypeachezzz August 14, 2010
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v. brocase: to show or tell something with intrinsic personal value to others, particularly, to bros

n. brocase: a revealing of something to others, in this case, bros...
Bro 1: Hey bro, I wanna tell you something.

Bro 2: K. What up bro?

Bro 1: Bro, I really respect your friendship, and the ideological underpinnings that connect us even in light of overarching differences in our respective social stratification, and further, in regards to inherent inconsistency in our religious and metaphysical worldviews, not to mention our politics... I guess, what I'm trying to say bro, is that, I love you, bro.

Bro 2: Bro, quit brocasing your feelings...

Bro 1: Sorry bro, didn't mean to brocase.

Bro 2: It's aight bro. Yo, I love you too, bro.
by amerikansteez October 24, 2010
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