A bro truck is basically any truck (SUV's included) with a ridiculously large lift kit and oversized rims. Ridiculously large being a lift that raises the truck so high that it renders the vehicle dangerous to actually offroad. Rear and side windows are plastered with common bro stickers (SRH, Skin, SoCal, KMK, Famous Stars and Straps, Skin) and so forth... These vehicles basically serve as dirt bike transporters and pavement queens. Bro trucks have no real offroad qualities and are laughed at by people who actually offroad their trucks that have legit lifts.
Dude...Five threw a 20" lift on a half ton Silverado. Thats such a bro truck.
by 6 Pounds Soft June 20, 2006
A lifted truck that an angry, easily irritated white guy with little man's disease drives. Usually has exhaust stacks and monster stickers on it. Drivers of these vehicles drive overly aggressive because they need to be noticed by everybody on the road who could care less about their personal anger issues. Their truck is also always too clean to have been used for any of its truck functions.
That tool in his bro truck just got pulled over for passing 5 cars at once and making oncoming traffic stop to avoid a head on collision.
by Wayne Ricardo Simmons April 6, 2013