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sports flip flops worn with a pair of ankle high socks. Also typically worn with (but not limited to) shorts, sweat pants, or pajama pants.

Most predominantly found on college campus's
"dude, I just bought a new pair of bro flops from Adidas!"

"Some people wear flip flops to the beach, but I like to get sand in my socks. That's why I wear bro flops."

"Today I woke up and got dressed as usual, but when I got to the door I noticed my shoes were gone!?, so my only choice was to wear sandals; but I didn't want to take my socks off... so I decided to wear my bro flops"
by Firefoxett August 10, 2009
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Mens flipflops worn by a bro. Most likely purchased at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, etc.
"I saw a guy wearing broflops today, they went well with his Hollister shirt."
by Krusten May 23, 2008
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When a males (bro) shoes are so old and disgusting that they need to be thrown out, but since they have "wear and tare" style and they are so old that they have the imprint of your foot in them you keep them anyways. Mostly flip-flops (flops).
What is that smell?" "Its most likely his bro-flops
by PJMC November 23, 2010
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