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A bro-type move that expresses aggression without actually carrying out any physical harm or getting into a fight. It is characterized by popping your collar, raising both arms behind and slightly above your head, and shaping your hands to look like crab claws. Then, simultaneously, you lean your body towards your bro and aggressively say, "Bro!, Bro!". With every instance of "Bro!", you get louder and flare your claws more and more.

Note 1: Bro crabbing can be very funny, but it won't get you laid--at least not in Harrisburg, PA (tested and failed).

Note 2: Only bro crab your bro. Bro crabbing someone who's not your bro can lead to a fight, which you will likely lose since the bro crab is not an effective offensive or defensive fighting move.

Note 3: If you are getting bro crabbed, the only adequate response is to bro crab right back.
Guy: Dude, let's get the attention of those fems through some bro crabbing.

...the guys bro crab...

Girls: Hehehe... Those guys are so funny--let's do their friends!
by Miguel-DC May 17, 2010
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