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Brinksters are the aspiring hyphenates who have yet to make it in "the (film) industry" and are essentially, on the brink of fame, stardom or whatever you want to call it.
The pathology of the brinkster is predicated upon the hope that tomorrow they can be the next big thing, coupled with the dread that in ten years from now they can be doing the exact same thing.
by Christine Palau May 08, 2006
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n. The most terrible site for web hosting on the face of the planet, it is often used by students unwilling to pay for said web hosting. It is responsible for the loss of hundreds of files, the inability to upload safely, and the general frustrations of thousands of people.

v. The phrase used to commonly say, on an utterly high scale, how pwned you have just been.
Student #1 (Brian) - "Well, I'll just upload my files now..."
Student #2 (Mike) - >_> "Good luck..."
Student #1 - "... OMFG all my files got deleted!"
Student #2 - *Laughs and shakes his head* "You just got brinkstered."
by The True Wenisman May 10, 2006
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