False... briar woods hasn’t had a high STD rate since 2008. It’s fucking 2018. A lot can change in 10 years. Briar is a good school, with educated teachers. Yes, half our school is douchey rich bitches but we are NOT hoes. If you wanna find hoes... hit up Stone Bridge High School. Don’t hate on briar for our bad past. We have changed just like every other schools reputation. You want rich preppy, go to riverside. You want ghetto, go to broad run. Briar Woods is a well rounded school with a diverse range of students. We spread positivity & school spirit (even if we do loose every football game). We have some of the smartest kids in loudon county & the least amount of crime in any loudon county high school.
Briar woods High school is a LCPS with intelligent, bright kids.

“Damn briar has all the stds”

Nah bruh That was 10 years ago, get over it. We are a good ass school now”
by Bwhs2018 June 05, 2018
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