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Adjective for a person who pretends to be straight but is actually a fag.
1. Tom: Wouldn't you just want to bury your face in her knockers? (then reaches for Jack's pocket to fish for ciggies)

Jack: Stay away from my pockets! You're so brentish!

2. Tom: Yeah, my girlfriend is that hot... Hey man, your boxers are pretty cute. Let me see them again!

Jack: Fuck off, dude, you're being brentish!
by Charlie's February 01, 2007
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A Brentish Person, or a Brent is someone being Creepy, Stalking, Two Faced/Double morale, Being or doing self centered things on the cost of others, Humiliating others to feel better about themselves and/or Humiliating others while trying to hide his own secrets which to no surprise is exactly what they are humiliating other people for.
Fred: Wow, look at that guy, he dresses like a total fag, Wearing vests is so 1970's
Kris: Oh Lord, That looks so Brentish

Lucas: Did you hear about the guy that been complaining to the cops about drugusers in his neighbourhood? The the cops came to his house and they found 15lbs of weed stashed in his bathroom and he claimed it was for personal use only.
Harry: No Really? Thats a really Brentish thing to do.
by EmmaYay April 04, 2017
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