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A sensitive, passionate, confident boy who respects everyone he loves. He is sweet, charming, and caring in a way that makes your heart melt. He is a great listener, does great in school and is a bit unorganized and talented. He has a sense of humor: he teases people a lot, but only the ones he loves the most. When meeting new people or in an uncomfortable situation when he is vulnerable, he is shy and controlled. Sometimes a romantic, he never fails to cheer you up and is almost always in a good mood, unless you piss him off. But he is very spontaneous about what he likes and never fails to show it. He secretly wants to be cool, but he hangs out with the people who are just like him. He always has faith in what he believes in. Muscular and tall, he is attractive in a way you could think about all day. His eyes are deep and compelling, and he is strong and fit, though secretly self-conscious.

And I love him. And he knows that.
Me: Where's Brenen? I wanna ask him to dance with me.

Brenen: *comes up from behind* Who, me?

Me: *turns around* Oh, hey! You wanna dance?

Brenen: I'm already there.

*We walk to the dance floor and dance all night*
by BurtMaclin November 20, 2017
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Brenen is a name of one who likes arousal by anal stimulation. he also usually contracts gonnorhea. stay away from any brenen's you meet!
what's his name? "Brenen" oh god I better not get a whiff of that!
by pharrell March 02, 2014
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A short tempered son of a bangoe. Always is playing with thy self in a sexual manner. Usually a horny cuck. 60% if the time is gay or bi. Acts cool but really sucks at everything. Pretends to be nice but is really a jerk and is eaither racist or sexist.
by Clooper May 12, 2018
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