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A breamer is a large akwardly shaped mechanism strapped like a baby to the front of ones chest or torso. This item is used to help one bream, or in real people terms, breath.

Back in the days, the breamer was nothing but an old fire hose shoved in your throat and plugged into a fan.
But now adays, you can purchase the breamer2000 s60x breamanator wireless glow-in-the-dark water proof breamer with built in features such as bremo-expresso for a quick breath to get you going in the morning and the built in sundial to keep track of the time all day.
Whats that mister? Its my breamer. Cant bream without it.

I cant bream! Wheres my breamer?!

Man, the air on mount everest is sure hard do bream. I really wish i had my breamer right now.

Thanks to my breamer, my underwater expeditions last longer than 45 seconds!
by shymanski January 02, 2007
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