when a man and his partner are having intercourse on the ground outdoors and the penis becomes covered in sand/dirt/debris.
Me and my GF fucked on the beach last night, we didn't have a towel, so she had to get the breaded shrimp.
by akiralives July 28, 2006
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Forming at FHHS in 2002, it is when a couple (does not matter if the couple is straight or homosexual, but must have the involvement of a penis) is having sex on the beach, and right before the man is going to cum, dips his dick back in the sand, and then into the vagina/ass.
JP gave Pat a breaded shrimp when they were vactioning on a gay cruise in the Bahamas.
by boy wonder September 24, 2004
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When fucking on the beach the penetrating partner pulls out and dips his penis into the sand and then reinserts into the receiving partner. Exfoliate!
Man, I was fucking Faith on the beach the other night when I gave her the dreaded breaded shrimp. She loved it!
by Nasty N8 B January 11, 2009
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The money a man makes to compensate for his less than average penis size.
"Did you hear? John got that tech job he wanted"
"ppft why would I care? We all know its Shrimp Bread"
by anonymousagnony August 16, 2023
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