Brandon Arreaga is the youngest person in the band PRETTYMUCH

Fun Facts

-His favorite candy are redvines

-He is the cutest boy in the band
-He is my boyfriend (even if he doesn’t know it yet)
Brandon Arreaga is the best looking human being in the planet
by Brandon’s future wife💍 August 9, 2018
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Mya is the girlfriend of Brandon Arreaga's .She's a beautiful person inside out , She'll make you laugh till you can't breath.She is often random and rowdy but you can't help but love her anyways.Everyone loves her,she is super smart and is always entergetic .she's everything you could ask for in a girlfriend and more
Girl 1:Who is mya
Girl 2: Brandon Arreaga's girlfriend
by lola_ace August 30, 2021
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