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To hijack a brand by assuming yourself as representing a brand name, it's products, characters, trademarks.
Who knew @PeggyOlson was brandjacking on Twitter? I guess AMC learned it's PR Fail lesson when they gave the Mad Men characters the DMCA takedown.
by AndrewMcL November 05, 2009
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Occurs when a person purchases an article of clothing of a certain brand whilst knowing that a friend of theirs is dedicated to buying clothing from that brand.

- Said friend must be considered a good/best friend
- Said friend must own a minimum of 10 articles of clothing from said brand
- Said brand must own a hefty majority over other brands in the friend's closet
- Brand-jacking does not apply to jeans,hats,shoes and accessories

- Said friend says it's cool. In which he/she then approves of the article of clothing from said brand that you wish to buy
- Someone else buys it for you, not knowing of your best friend and his/her dedication for this brand. This must then result in an apology to said friend
"Hey man, check out this new shirt I'm looking at getting"
"Dude.. you can't get that"
"I have like 15 shirts from that brand, you just can't Brand-jack me like that"
"I apologize bro, I will find another brand"
"Thank you"
by mrjaydee April 12, 2010
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