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An american who tries by all means to act British. They however, have no idea about the Brittish culture so they assume all they need to do to be British is drink a lot of YorkShire Tea, eat crumpets and speak like they have a stick shoved up their ass.
Todd: Brian, are you going skiing with us today?

Brian: I'm afraid not my good chap, I think I shall eat some crumpets and drink yorkshire tea.

Sam: Omg! he is such a Bramerican!!!
by HotIce-x June 18, 2009
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A child that was born to Brazilian and American parents, and thus has both Brazilian and American heritage.
Sally: Yeah, so I just found out that Jame's mom is American, and his dad is Brazilian.

Eve: Oh yeah, he's Bramerican, you didn't know that?
by painterspirit December 15, 2009
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A offspring of a female Brazilian and an American male. Will be short, very short. But awesome! Will play Football and eat lots of Hamburgers, but also a great swimmer and super flirt.
Ok looking kid, "Dude! What race are you?"
Beautiful God/Godess, "I'm Bramerican!"
Ok looking Kid, "Man! I'm jealous!"
by Swede1984 January 22, 2011
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