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When two or more heterosexual bros go for a normal walk together.
After chowing down those cheeseburgers for lunch we should head for a bralk outside.
by mreakus November 21, 2014
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(Verb/noun) A Portmanteau of the words "bro" and "talk." A bralk is a serious talk with another bro or bros about anything important. Bralks are ALWAYS confidential to the bros involved. What is spoken of in the bralk, stays in the bralk.

Bralks can be through text but are best when face-to-face.
*when at a party*
Matt: "hey where did you guys go?"
Luke: "sorry, Jack and I were having a bralk in the back room. He needed some advice."
Matt: "oh cool, what did you bralk about?"
Luke: "sorry man, I can't tell ya. Bro-to-bro confidentiality"
Matt: "oh yeah"
by Genmarkus555 July 13, 2016
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