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Brady Hamby is the most amazing person in the world. He is always there for everyone and is cocky af. He is the hottest most attractive guy you will ever meet. But don’t get any ideas, he’s taken by Reese Sucura. Brady Hamby is the kind of guy that will let you cheer off of his paper on a tear or quiz because he is always there for you. Brady Hamby is amazing at conversations and public speaking, he loves to talk. If he rejects you, you will lock yourself in your room, cry, and eat ice cream for the rest of your life. Brady Hamby is vary good at all sports, but that’s not a surprise because he’s good at everything. He knows about all the drama and is willing to talk, gossip, or rant about it.If you get into a relationship with him you better not mess up or you will regret it. Bray Hamby is the reason why we believe in love at first sight. He’s better than any boy you will ever meet. He’s sensitive and kind. He is hilarious. He is a little dirty minded, so be careful;) ... it’s too bad you can’t have him though, because he belongs to Reese Sucura. She will kill you if u steel him.
Person 1:Did you see Brady in the hall yesterday?

Person 2: Brady Hamby? Yeah! He’s so perfect. I wish he was my boyfriend. :(
by Aye_itz_Reese May 14, 2018
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