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The package Sony has provided to US customers on black friday 2013 for the release of their Playstation 4. It includes four controllers, a map of Japan, a hundred dollar rebate, and, allows you to automatically pre-order for Metal Gear Solid V.
What's going to be the big item everyone goes for this Black Friday? It just might be the PlayStation 4. Sony has just announced they offering a special Black Friday bundle, called the "Brack Friday Bunduru".
by sirbutters November 22, 2013
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To take a nasty shit, or to take a long shit.
I'll be right back I have to take a Black Friday Bunduru.
Dude I dropped the biggest Brack Friday Bunduru last night.
Hey wheres your toilet, because I have to drop a Brack Friday Bunduru.
by Brackthursdayunduru November 29, 2013
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