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A viral social disease that causes an immediate desire to reproduce. This virus is transmitted by a variety of vectors, including exposure to children's playgrounds, visits by nieces and nephews, reality television, glossy magazines, nagging parents.

Signs and symptoms: cooing, wistful staring at small hats and gloves, reading books of names, aversion to latex...
"Dude, I dodged a bullet, after we broke up the ex got a mean case of brabies and now she's knocked up."

"I'm avoiding that brabid dude, I'd prefer to be mobile for the next two years."
by friendsbackeast October 17, 2009
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a bratty person who acts childish, foolish, or babyish
The boy was acting like a braby because he was being immature and snobby.
by Bellie Bellllllll August 19, 2006
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Braby - somewhat similar to 'baby', but implies much more intensity or suggestive nature.
Oh yeah, BRABY, let's get this party started!
Come on over here and I'll give you somethign to talk about, Braby.
by Fhuqer November 10, 2003
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