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Neighborhood or section of town where gay people live or gather to party.
If you want a rainbow flag like mine, go to the Gay-Mart in boystown ... take the brown line to Addison, walk over to Halstead and head north. When you see the rainbow rocketship lamp-posts and the dance clubs with burnished steel entrances, you'll know you're there. It's the store with the giant neon pink triangle in the window.
by Coell August 28, 2005
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An area of Chicago, Illinois that is officially THE gayest neighborhood. It can be considered a neighborhood even though it spans over a couple of established neighborhoods. Lots of gay couples live there, and there are lots of gay bars and such.
Most people don't know that Clark and Belmont is in Boy's Town, but it becomes obvious when you see the owners of all the antique shops on Belmont.
by Gina January 19, 2005
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A set of whore houses across the Mexican boarder. The prostitutes are well known for their low prices and venereal diseases.
"Joe is on antibiotics for the next month."
"He went to boys town and after spending $10 on the hooker he couldn't afford another 50c for a condom."
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a place for juvenile delinquents to go, if the state places them there or if their parents are mad rich. they serve a wide variety of teenagers of all ethnicities, using a catholic/christian curriculum in school and psychological "teaching model" in the homes.

the homes are comfortable, with a max of eight youth to a house. in charge of each house are a family teaching couple and an assistant family teacher, which is a fancy way of saying foster parents and an assistant.

it's a good place. without it, i'd still be drunk and/or on coke, lsd, and robitussin all the time, probably unemployed, and maybe homeless.
the kid stole a car and sold it to buy weed, and got arrested for it. so instead of sending him to jail, his probation officer got him referred to boys town. two years later, he was sober and ready to go into the real world and make something of himself. boys town rules...
by nick rules December 29, 2006
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Established by General Pershing, many Mexican towns along the USA border have these Boys Towns. The idea was originally designed for American soldiers to release their sexual tension on Mexican prostitutes. Now it is just a money pit for gringos that are too worthless to get laid here in Texas. It's always wise to have a Spanish speaking Mexican American with the group, in order to avoid getting mugged. Also bring several 20 dollar bills in case you need to bribe Los Federales. Be sure to tip your cab driver generously on your way in and out. The Boys Town in Nuevo Laredo is the most renowned of all of them. The primary attraction is the donkey show. Every night the donkey show bar has a central area where gringos and some Mexicanos surround. The spectators begin throwing crumbled up one dollar bills into the "area". If enough money gets in there, then a waiter brings out the "donkey". Usually the money throwing continues. As the cash flow increases the senorita comes out and begins performing sex acts on the donkey. She will first arouse the donkey and then put an extra large condom on it. Usually she will sodomize the donkey with oral first, and if enough money comes in then she will finish the donkey off with vaginal. If the donkey ejaculates, she will remove the condom and chunk it into the crowd and one poor soul will be screwed.
It's a good thing we had Fernando leading our group. He's a boys town veteran. Now I need to go to the clinic and get tested.
by Texas Man June 25, 2010
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