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A boy. A child. An insignificant disturbance in an otherwise orderly day.
Harold was holding court vilifying this n that in Uptown Clete's Hairstylists when youngin' boychuk D'Shawn suddenly opined that dad Hal's opinions was shit 'cause he was an old fuck and all...

Harold chuckled, spat on the floor, and waggled his finger, then sighed... "nobody listens no more".
by Konga July 29, 2009
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Someone who constantly follows then unfollows others on social media in an attempt to build a following. This is done with the intention tricking people into thinking that their large amount of followers means they must be interesting and relevant despite nothing of value to offer.
I thought I gained another follower on Twitter but it turns out it was just another boychuk.
by Dick Cheney 69 March 13, 2019
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