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1. A transforming robot that's not very well known in any Transformers franchise but is infamous around the Internet. His alternate mode is a cardboard box. His weapon is a cardboard handgun. It is unknown to which faction he belongs but the Box Transformer blends in perfectly in alleys, ghettos, warehouses and any other shady areas. The Box Transformer can easy ambush underpaid workers or hobos and usually lies in waiting until such opportunity arises. This transformer's one weakness is stray animals with full bladders.

2. A joke gif online in which a guy makes a cardboard suit and crouches down in front of a garage door, making a convincing box while crouched. The animation is looped so it looks like a constant "transformation" with a midi of the Transformers theme song.

3. The only rival to Solid Snake when it comes to hiding in cardboard boxes.
Hobo: Hey a new house!
Box Transformer standing up pointing his weapon): Back away, fleshling!
Hobo: Shit I think I pissed my pants.

The box transformer is another fine example of the power of looped animation and music.

Random Guard: Who's there?
Snake: Damn, I gotta hide! Hey there's a box!
Box Transformer (stands up): I was here first. *Zap!
Random support character: Snake, what happened? Snake? SNAAAAAAKE?!!?
by Lord CrutchCricket August 01, 2007
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