A district in New York City noted for its cheap hotels and bars, frequented by vagrants, derelicts and drunks.
"Let’s get out of here, it’s too literary. — Let’s go get drunk on the Bowery ..." - Jack Kerouac
by TheBlackRider138 May 28, 2016
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to shout "bowery" at someone is wanting a fight with them. A person having something against someone else or wanting an argument or a fight. A sort of "bring it on" kind of phrase.
"moan then!" . . "Aye, Bowery!"
by Tootsie-baws July 8, 2006
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the most famous party street in all of frostburg. if you live here, you drink. heavily. there is a party at 85% of the houses minimum....on a monday. there are most likley more kegs in these houses than there are schoolbooks. if you live on bowery, the only time you really get a good night sleep is after you pass out from a night of binge drinking, or on sunday when everyone is too hungover to move. this is due to the constant waves of drunk and obnoxious individuals party hopping, yelling, and running through the street....as well as the fact that even if you're not partying one night, chances are both your neighbors have a packed house. but we love it anyway.
after living on Bowery Street for a semester, i can count my kegstands in minutes.
by fghdwjskqgtryefud July 25, 2008
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a nibba who is referred to as an NPC
hoe 1: ultron was a cooper bowery type mf
hoe 2: AMEN nigga
hoe 1: AMEN
by sussy stef November 19, 2021
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“I really liked Zoë Kravitz performance in Big Little Lies”
“Don’t you mean William Bowery?”
by william.bowery February 20, 2021
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