a term used in the popular web series RedvsBlue, meaning or having to do with sex, or getting it on . used but the character Tucker.
"did somebody call for a really hairy plumber? bow chicka bow wow."
"hey, im just here to lay some pipe. bow chicka bow wow."
by ze turtle February 5, 2006
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Sex scenes in porn videos during the seventies were accompanied with what was considered to be cheesy music, even by seventies standards. The music was generically the same, sounding much like "bow chicka bow wow".

As a result, the phrase "bow chicka bow wow" came into usage to reference something sexual, whether explicit or implied.
So, Rob, are you two going to go back to your place? Bow chicka bow wow.

We made our own videos. Bow chicka bow wow.
by S33K3R May 14, 2007
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originally, something males said to alert each other of an attractive female. now it is more commonly used to simply make a phrase sexual. also used as a euphemism for sexual activities.
babe walks by. "bow chicka bow wow!" "where?"

"dude, my mum loves you." "bow chicka bow wow." "stfu, asshole."

"suzie and i are going out tonight." "bow chicka bow wow?" "bow chicka bow wow indeed."
by Bobastasia July 10, 2006
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A phrase used to reference sex. Popularized by Red vs Blue Character Tucker.
Tex: Get behind me and stay tight.
Tucker: bow chicka bow wow!
Tex: shut up, Tucker!
by Xeras July 8, 2011
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Most definitly the coolest thing to say during one of those awkward silences!

WARNING: only to be used after an awkward conversation.

2xWARNING: not to be used after awkward conversations w/ your mom or any close relative otherwise mixed messages will be sent and no one wants that...
"So this is my place...
"Bow chicka bow wow...
...you want o come up"!!!
...cough, cough...i mean - sure".
by Erg Master May 8, 2007
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When someone says this to make a conversation, it is appropriate to turn to that person and say, "Patty N!"
I'm havin a hard time getting this in, wait, it's in.

Bow Chicka Bow wow.

Patty N!
by lemmywinks540 March 6, 2008
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70's porno backgroud music
When lusting in the heat of the moment an alarming "Bow-Chicka-Bow-wow" will appear out of the blue..do not be alarmed it helps to "enlighten" the mood...can ya dig it?
by ashley October 15, 2003
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