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Quite possibly one of the most depressing places in New Jersey, the most exciting thing about Bound Brook is the "Bound Brook 500" a traffic circle with a clock in the middle. Avoid Bound Brook at all costs, its pretty easy to do since its under water most of the time.
John: My GPS says to get to the strip club you take the circle and get off at the se-

Jim: The Bound Brook cirle?

John: Yea

Jim: Fuck that, lets just go have a circle jerk.

John: Alrite.
by Dajaleymon Kiwi January 01, 2009
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also known as berico or bound berico.
a small town in new jersey. it is filled with spanish people. but there are also some white people also. bound brook is one of the best towns ever. all the haters who say its lame, gay, corny etc. they are those things. it is 1.6 square miles and yet theres EVERYTHING here. including efingers. PLUS its in new jersey so you know there are at least 6 malls within the half hour. they also have one of the best football and softball teams out there... the basketball team is pretty good too.

David- you are you going to bound brook this weekend?
Mark- Hell yeah that town is the fucking shit!
by Sugar Pie October 05, 2007
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