a male who takes the submissive role in bed.
Maverick was the bottomboy for the leather Tops in the dungeon scene.
by PHUR May 26, 2008
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a bottomboy is a nigga who came from them trenches. a bottomboy was running the streets for paper, they just tryna help they momma and siblings get out the hood. hence it’s called bottomboy because the trenches at the bottom, and they gotta get up in their status and their money. to be a bottomboy is to be broke, to have nothing and to not live the life of a silver spoon.
rodwave came out the bottom

rodwave: im a bottomboy, came straight from them trenches

fan: what the hell is a bottomboy

fan 2: nigga you wouldn’t know cause you from the fucking suburbs.
by blackbratt April 24, 2022
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Person-badger is a bottomboy
by asdfghjklkjhgfdsertyu March 19, 2022
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