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A work situation in which your "boss" knows little or nothing about the job or department they are over seeing ,while you are knowledgeable or skilled.This is usually brought about by said bosses Brown Nosing ( or being related to)another boss higher in the organization, thus obtaining a "Gift Job" or promotion that given job performance ,ability and native intelligence should have been rightfully yours.
This twofold(at least!) incompetence leads to the uncomfortable situation In which you are required by duty to teach your"boss"a job, technique or skill so that they may rationalize their pay increase while demonstrating that they are your superior.Truly great incompetent bosses are like ghosts, they are rarely seen and seldom heard.In particularly heinous examples good spirited directions by you are foiled by moronic orders or suggestions by them.You are thus caught in a triple bind If you tell your "boss" what you really think you will be fired .If you tell a Superior it may get back to the incompetent superior,the giver of the "Gift Job". Which could have repercussions for you. Thirdly if implemented these idiot orders or suggestions will FUBAR the work in question or even get people killed.The best Antidote to Boss Sitting is not to do it .Pass it on to a more worthy associate. Personal sick days should be taken.If a session of Boss Sitting is unavoidable(and no one knowledgeable is looking)it is best to use The Zen Empty Sponge Technique (ZEST) "Teach me O Learned One".You will indeed have learned how to "stop the world"or at least the work world.If left unchecked Boss Sitting could be the end of the civilized world.
Incompetent Superiors Everywhere need boss sitting.
by Memester January 31, 2007
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