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At the end of a level in a video game you typically fight a much larger enemy with much more health, called a boss. Typically these bosses are defeated by figuring out their pattern of attack.

See Also: mini-boss
by Brian Johnson April 10, 2004
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Rubbing of the genitals in the face of ones partner, out of excitement, when said partner is busy doing something important.
I had a boss fight with my girl when the Red Sox won the World Series I hope her Mom didn't hear it through the phone.
by Jircough October 28, 2013
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The big, mean, cheapass mofo you fight at the end of a video game, usually fighting games. Most infamous of the lot are the SNK bosses of KOF and Fatal Fury etc.
Man i hate the boss fight in the new KOF... he seriously suffers from snk boss syndrome
by ioriroxdahouse October 18, 2005
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A bossfight is any encounter or situation that is particularly difficult or challenging.
Yeah, I'm meeting her parents tomorrow - it's going to be a total bossfight.
by Dave C-H December 24, 2007
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