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1.)a common lastname for Croats in the bosnia region.

2.)it is also a word used for anybody who lives in the bosnia region.

3.)the slavic muslims of bosnia & hercegovina use this word as the name of their so called ethnicity to differentiate themselves from catholic Croats of BiH who consider the muslims of this area as Croats of muslim faith.

refer to Pomak for the other muslim slavs of the balkans
hello my bosnjak friend, how has things been?
by night prawler May 20, 2005
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* is a regional term for someone from bosnia
* a common lastname for Croats
* used as an ethnic group for the slavic muslims in croatia , bosnia , herzegovina , montenegro , sandzak , kosovo , slovenia and for those that live in the diaspora . these muslims are all croats, but their idenity has been lost, confused & sabotaged because of history and politics
* yes i'm a bosnjak, just like you're a dalmatinac
* my name is Hrvoje Bosnjak
* when are these muslims going to realise that a bosnjak ethnicity is not real, and that they are croats
by wize wun December 20, 2005
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