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Note left on the table for a waiter or waitress after the bill arrives in hopes to get some action at a later date. It is generally hidden in the bill fold because the writer is usually too cowardly to want to face the server. If the writer has chutzpah, and a chance with the server, they would have confronted them face to face. This does not work if a wedding ring is present on either the server or writer. It consists of a cheesy pick up line, the writer's contact info and usually, but not in all cases, a business card. In many cases the server will know that a booty-scrawl is imminent.

Tzipporah: 'WOW, did JT just leave his number, on the visa slip?!'

Sammi: 'yes, ever since Brit dumped him, he has been leaving booty-scrawls everywhere!'
by shaul605 January 05, 2009
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