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Originally a song composed by legendary techno/dubstep artist JoJo Keefe, boomcore is often referred to as a genre in itself. Boomcore gained much of its popularity among straight edge emo kids in the underground rave scene throughout the pacific northwest. JoJo Keefe headlined Jelly Bean Candy Carnival 2011 with Alpha Romeo and opened up the show with a P1AN0 B3ATZ remix of boomcore feat. DJ AA, DJ Trick Mick, and DJ BJ. JoJo Keefe now currently play keys/boomcore for the band Disproportionate Response.
Steve: "dame dood did u go 2 teh rave las nite"
Kevin: "no mane i herd ther waz swet ass boomcore ther"
Steve: "si jojo keefe tuk off hes shirt he has a hoot 8 pack"
Kevin: "shet niqa id hit et"
by DJ AA October 03, 2011
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"Boom" is an adjective relating to when something or someone is great or amazing. By adding the suffix "core" to the end this enhances the meaning and gives it a slightly more scene/myspace generation feel.
helena: "hey there julian! care for a cookie or 3 in the mall?"
julian: "werd"
helena: "BOOMCORE"
by boomcore June 28, 2007
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