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Booja is the substance inside of a plasma pistol in the halo series.
other Phrases Related are "Spilled Booja," or Spilling Booja."
Pronounces with a hard "J"
"Man I spilled booja that game."
"Man I am spilling booja all over these kids."
by fatmatt298 January 14, 2008
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"Boo-yah!!!", but spelled like how it is pronounced: "BEW-yaw".
“BOOJA, in jo FACE, ju salty mo‘er fucker ju!!!”
by Victor Van Styn August 09, 2005
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A game mainly played in schools, a booja is where you push someone into a wall and shout booja!.

A booja does not count if the person is pushed into a door, window ect. It only counts if they are pushed into a wall.

Most people add up the amount of booja's they make in a day and who ever gets the most wins.

Once a person becomes more advanced at Booja's they then start to do booja combos shuch as double booja's and Gang booja wars.
Bob: Oi mate booja!!!!!

Fred: Oh shit you just booja'd me, that wall wernt half hard.
by James Archer May 11, 2007
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A bad sign in Baluchi customs. It would be reasonable for a man to kill his wife if his wife shows him the booja
“The facts of the Sind criminal appeal of Ghulam Mustafa Gahno A.I.R. (1939) Sind. 182 reveal that the appellant killed his adolescent wife with a hatchet after she had ‘shown him a “booja”’ - a gesture of extreme contempt amongst the Baluchis, a community to which both the appellant and deceased belonged. Referring to the trial judge’s reliance on the standard of the reasonable man as approved by Lord Reading C.J. in the judgment of the Court of Criminal Appeal in Lesbini, Davis J.C. stated:
by hardeepak April 11, 2012
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