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A word used by the YouTube user, MaximBady to replace 'boobs', 'boobies' or 'breasts'.
A more funnier way to say breasts especially if said in a African accent like MaximBady says it, because MaximBady is geeeeeniuuuuss.

Watch MaximBady's 'How To Look at Girls Without Them Noticing' video for instructions on how to inspect boobanies and you will be a professional boobany inspector.

Nicki Minaj has a very nice set of boobanies.

I want a girlfriend with huge boobanies. Not that huge though, as long as they are shaped perfectly and look perfect without a bra on.

That latino girl with the big ghetto booty and nice set of boobanies can come to me so I can chaka-laka-laka-laka-laka in her boobanies. Then I chaka-laka-laka-laka-laka in her, then she get pregnant, she get me baby, me baby come out, me tell baby, "ayyy babyyyy", you better be become become doctor.
by Afro-Motherfucking-M-A-N September 24, 2013
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