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A bonnye is a woman who takes no prisoners. She can be a raging spitfire one minute, and a weeping softy the next. A bonnye is bossy, stubborn to an extreme, lovable, and about the most loyal friend you could ever have. A bonnye lacks patience, doesn't compromise, and isn't always the best listener. She is Southern to the core, and proud of it. She cooks, gardens and loves with all her might. A bonnye is known for her unusual sense of humor, and her candor and directness are stuff of legend. She's all or nothing, hot or cold, off or on, asleep or running. She can disarm anyone with her Southern charm and everyone she meets is a friend. She confounds her family and friends frequently, but they wouldn't trade her for the universe. She gives all, loves all, believes the best in all, and looks for the good in all. She's a walking riddle, a living enigma, a persistent puzzlement. She's bonnye, what more need I say?
I'd rather be a bonnye than a bambi any day!
by Meee123 July 24, 2010
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She is the best mom in the world. She is really pretty. She dances she is 4 years old her favorite color is red or white her favorite food is chicken and tomato salad. Her favorite movies are girl movies, the chipmunks she likes to take her children to the playground for fun. I love my mom because she laughs I love herπŸ’•
#bonnye is the best mom
by Peppapig123 October 26, 2017
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