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To descibe someone, usually a girl who is dressed in a very trendy/ fashion victim way. Usually over accessorised wearing lastest trends eg cowboy boots/scarves/beads/trucker hats, frequently has a mullet. Often is a fashion/fine art student type.
Came from the name of the School of Art and Design building at Nottingham Trent University, The Bonnigton building. You can usually see "bonnigton types" hanging out in the reception area dressed stupid and trying too hard.
"She looks abit bonnigton"
by Butterfly April 07, 2005
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Normally a young student, female, who chooses to wear a variety of current fashions at the same time, thus making her look like a fool. In addition to wearing similar outfits to all their peers, they have an astounding belief that their own style is individual and hasn't been adopted by others. They travel in packs, normally in and around the Bonnington building and other 'cool' indie-type venues. Closest male equivalent is an Aberzombie
That girl looks like she has been covered in pritt stick and rolled through Topshop. She is sooo Bonnington.
by Seth the Stealth Master April 20, 2005
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