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The ankle deep mud that inevitably forms all around a small farm in Manchester, TN, in mid June every year, during the best ever recurring music festival, bonnaroo.
Woah Brah! Watch out for that giant pool of bonnarrhea, it's at least a foot deep. Let's go get a heady veggie falafel wrap.
by Dr. Soybot May 01, 2007
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Fallout resulting from Bonnaroovian bacchanalia. Whether it's a mysterious rash or just a temporarily wrecked GI tract, below-the-belt souvenirs remind us that not everything that happens at Bonnaroo stays at Bonnaroo.
Ugh, I'm Spring Broken; I think I got Bonnarrhea. From what I hope was a girl.

When you're on five psychedelics
And your bowels just feel like hell, it's
Bonnarrhea! Bonnarrhea!
by shart attack June 13, 2012
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