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A person who shares a bong with different groups of people. The person is normally a addict of weed and cannot find a same group of people who are normally down to smoke as they have lives.
Scott: Man have you seen patrick lately?

Andrew: Nah man, i heard his been smoking weed with everyone.

Scott: What a bong slut

*Receives a call from Patrick*

Patrick: hey man wanna smoke weed?
by SZOR June 14, 2011
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A woman who is pure, pristine, nigh untouchable, until she takes a hit off a water bong. Then she becomes a vagina with legs.
"Dude, get in here and get a piece of Emily!"
"I thought she was one of those Catholic types, you know, no sex until marriage."
"Yeah, but she's a total bongslut, too!"
by T. Maki September 08, 2005
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Someone who doesn't just smoke a bong, but gets physically aroused by seeing or using one.
Did you read Mamakind's latest RoachPlay column? She was pussytokin' in it-- what a hardcore BongSlut!
by Mamakind September 15, 2006
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