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Bong claw: when you get too hectic and rip too many bongs, rendering your bong hand useless for all other tasks besides ripping bongs. the hand is left stuck in a claw like state sometimes permanently. other symptoms of the bong claw may include but not limited too: 1.sufferer may make a bong gurgling noise for the duration of completing a task, when task is completed the sufferer will involuntarily take a deep breath in as if sinking a fucking mad cone.
2. sufferers will without realising ask everyone they make eye contact with if they can sell them a bag or pack them a cone.
3. eyes appear as red as Satan's cock and near closed.
fuck man I was so baked last night i hope this fucking bong claw goes away, oi can you pack us a cone cunt?
by Shickluna June 23, 2014
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