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A reply to a message board or elsewhere that defuses a hostile or inflammatory previous post that normally might start a flame war.
Angry user: We don't care to hear your lifelong musings just a short opinion.

bomb squad reply: Some want less and some want more. That's the great thing about this board - there's something for everyone.
by mdamdm February 06, 2009
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A retort by a poser clan known as the “Bomb Squad,” whom are characterized as inferior in intellect, and penile size or girth. Typically, said retort comes as at the end of an insult leveled by one or more of superior intellect (to a Bomb Squad member) and/or standing among their peers or society at large.
Human Being: Yo' momma is a carpenter's dream - flat as a board and so easy to nail."
Bomb Squad Reply: "You liar, the carpenter is just nice. I heard her thank him for a Cincinnati Bow Tie."

Human Being1: "Did you see his pecker ?"
Human Being2: "Are you serious, that was a guy? I thought it was an aroused female."
by urbanassault2 October 04, 2009
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The utterance of noise made by a “Bomb Squad” member every time the orifice beneath their nose is opened, when a question is asked or response provoked. Said sound is likened to that which is made by the posterior orifice or an explosive laxative induced defecation (see Bomb Squat). This response mechanism is typically the result of a failed verbal revenge attempt that results in laughter at, and further humiliation of, the “Bomb Squad” members themselves.
Guy 1: You "Bomb Squad" posers need to do a reality check and be real. At the same time you might as well get a genitalia check.

Bomb Squad Reply: You dudes..squish...fart...plop...blah, blah, blah...are all a bunch of...squirt...plop....plop... know what I'm sayin'?

Guy 2: What a feltcher! Are all these dudes that ignorant? I couldn't understand what he was even trying to communicate, did you?

Guy1: I just doesn't matter really, does it? Those dick-less eunuchs camo-queers are so full of shit, they even sound like it now.
by urbanassault2 October 04, 2009
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