a party where you must also have a "bomb side" when getting drinks at the bar, you must also have bomb shots or a jagerbomb with your order. results in an increase in vulnerability to alcohol. basically making you drunker, quicker. separates the lightweights from the heavyweights.

occurs whenever a bomb party is announced although occurs more specifically at birthday/wedding parties etc. where there is one person for sure who must "celebrate".
guy 1:hey, can i get a beer?
bartender: sure, but you gotta have a bomb side.
guy 1: what? why?
bartender: dude, you're at a bomb party, they come with your drink.
guy 1:okay, i'll take a jagerbomb.
bartender: one jagerbomb and a beer comin' up.
by crazychiquita February 2, 2009
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imagine anything that might be fun, and it will be there
cj: my friend Eric said there's this bomb party @ this warehouse and it's like $100 but we can get in for $20

ce: what on earth is a bomb party?

cj: bomb = awesome , amazing, imagine anything that might be fun, and it will be there
by peachypagan October 28, 2006
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A short video provided by RackaRacka where the final scene demonstrates a smoke flare extraction from a geriatric party. Commonly used in conjunction with “FBI, Open Up!” Meme.
Man this party blows... time to smoke bomb a party and get out of here.
by Tmackie April 24, 2019
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The act of joining someone else party in an online game after being invited and bring 5 or 6 other people, making it impossible to go into matchmaking without booting people.
So i pissed off "insert gamertag here" by bringing 6 of my friends into his party. I party bomb the shit out of him.
by irnotdum May 2, 2008
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The Party Bomb is an energy shot created in 2011 aimed at the younger generation and party scene guaranteed to keep the party going strong all day or night long. The Party Bomb is associated with the phrase, PARTYBOMBED. They also have an interactive website/blog to show off mega parties and events.
Sorry for Party Rockin, I drank a Party Bomb!
by Partybombed Tonight December 19, 2011
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an extremely delicious and intoxicating drink that consists of a jug of cranberry juice and a liter of vodka. pour out a 1/4 of the cranberry juice and empty contents of vodka bottle into cranberry juice jug, thus giving you "the party bomb".

curt- "man, i got the worst urinary tract infection."

heidi- "dude, drink some of this party bomb."

curt- "what's in it?"

heidi- "cranberry juice and ughh...vodka."

curt- "ummm...i think i'll pass."
by heidifizzle April 10, 2007
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To bomb a party is to ruin it. Ie, calling the cops.
Me: We bombed that party!
Bob: Yeah! That's what you get for not inviting us!
by PartyBombers March 27, 2010
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