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a party where you must also have a "bomb side" when getting drinks at the bar, you must also have bomb shots or a jagerbomb with your order. results in an increase in vulnerability to alcohol. basically making you drunker, quicker. separates the lightweights from the heavyweights.

occurs whenever a bomb party is announced although occurs more specifically at birthday/wedding parties etc. where there is one person for sure who must "celebrate".
guy 1:hey, can i get a beer?
bartender: sure, but you gotta have a bomb side.
guy 1: what? why?
bartender: dude, you're at a bomb party, they come with your drink.
guy 1:okay, i'll take a jagerbomb.
bartender: one jagerbomb and a beer comin' up.
by crazychiquita February 01, 2009

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