From the verb to bollocks or bollocks-up.

When something or someone is well and truly buggered beyond repair.

pl. Bollocksing
"Thanks a lot. That car you sold me is totally bollocksed"


"Man, that is some serious shit. A couple of chuffs on that and I was totally bollocksed"
by Marko the Great August 3, 2005
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To get really High or Dunk
I went out last night and got fucking bollocks.
by "Lil G" September 8, 2003
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v. To Bollocks or Bollocks-up

The art of breaking or messing something up to a state of non-repair.
"Now that you have invited Jimmy, the stag-night is completely to bollocks"


"Hitting the television with that hammer is bollocksing it"
by Marko the Great August 3, 2005
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To get yelled at or told off or reprimanded for something you have done wrong. Or know you have done wrong.
"my mum is going to give me a right bollocksing when I get home for being out late."
by markymarkmarkenage July 30, 2008
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When you going to get told of by someone or When you are nervous for what they may say! Usually used associated with school problems (eg-up tight shitty teachers , or just people who can’t take a joke ! )
Use the word appropriately please kiddos otherwise I’m bollocksed 🥱!
‘damn I’m going to get bollocksed because I said what I thought to my tutor/house parent and i will die’
by On ket from the vet 🥱 June 10, 2020
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