the act of falsely representing yourself as a homeless person (see hobo) in order to garner or fulfill sexual gratification, accomplished by refusing to bathe for several weeks, raiding the goodwill donation box, and stealing a shopping cart from your local grocery store and filling it with discarded aluminum cans...and proceeding to rub one's self upon as many random strangers as possible till orgasm is achieved.
"Sorry, Bill, I can't go to the sports club with you tonight, me and John are going bo'ing in the red light district."
by hahhahhahahaahllikealickydicky September 29, 2011
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to have sex with. to do sexual things with someone.created by Miranda and Tonia when using code words for sex. the title of their hit movie coming out in 2009.
"What's Boing!? some jank-ass term for sex?"
"No it's Miranda and Tonia's jank-ass term for sex"

"I really wanna Boing! Nick"
by Kids of the Future September 07, 2008
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The term used to indicate to another when one comes across a Very pretty lady
Hey look other there its a BoingPretty girl
by Bazvaldo June 08, 2009
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When someone bounces on your stomach with their ass.
I got a boing and almost puked up my cheesburger!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
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a word used when one is bored, or a name for someone who has no life.

amy: i have nothing to do..
jessica: dude seriously..boing


kayla: why are you reading? we're at a dance for heavens sake..

milly: its fun!

kayla:...god youre such a boing..
by sillyyyme February 19, 2009
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The act of getting krunk or having fun with no reasoning a phrase made famous. by Pikahsso a martyr from Dallas Texas
Man that beat made me (((BOING))) on the dance floor with this fat broad.

Last night in bed I boinged the shit outta that bitch
by Clayface Jones May 14, 2003
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