1.Australian person, usually caucasian,of uncouth and lower class background,residing on the edge of civilisation. Characteristics of a bogun include,proudly sporting a mullet hair cut,extremely small shorts,a grease stained t-shirt underneath a flanelette shirt of some description.A bogun's natural habitat is any suburb of australia with low property values,in a house that generally has 2 or 3 cars up on bricks in the front yard with no wheels or missing vital mechanical parts.One of the cars must be a ute(utility vehicle).Boguns are genrally spotted with a stubbie(screw top beer bottle) or bong (pot smoking paraphernalia) in hand.
1.Look at that dickhead bogun, if he was american we'd call him a redneck hillbilly.

2.That bloke talks so much like George W. Bush, he must be a bogun!
by S@m P November 11, 2004
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a person aged 12-18, generally from a township in Cornwall, especially from Redruth or Camborne, who wears kappa tracksuits and puma trainers, clutching white lightning cider (2for1 offer of course), so poor they can't afford fake burberry, people you wouldn't piss on to put out a fire.
Look at that fucking bogun, get a job/life you piece of shit.
by danreesch July 4, 2005
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