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(n.) A muncher of ass or someone who searches through garbage looking for used tampons. Usually derogatory.
That guy is a real bogata.
by Derick Carey June 28, 2006
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1. the act of showing up extremely late and convincing yourself it is completely fine;

2. totally boofing your buddy;

3. stinking up a room that otherwise
smelled good earlier;

4. the act of dropping a deuce;

5. peeling one off to scat porn;

6. the act falling into a frozen pond,
or falling out of a boat;

7. passing out first after an all day and
night drinking contest, then actually
talking sh*t (mumbling) to everyone
while you pass out;

8. A person who refers to themself as "Bossman";

9. A state of mind that engulfs an individual who consumes an large indefinite quantity of alcoholic beverages;
1. Damnit, he was supposed to be here 4 hours ago, he's pulling a f*ckin' Bogata dude.

2. Well, I was hitting on this hot brunette when all of a sudden, this douchebag comes up and grabs her away from me. Total cockblocker bro. He pretty much Bogata'd me right there.

3. Dude, did you just walk in here and Bogata this place or what? That sh*t stinks!

4. He just took a Bogata on his windshield!

5. That guy likes to Bogata to that weird stuff on the internet. Freaking gross.

6. (a) Dude, don't walk out on that ice, you'll Bogata and freeze your *ss off. (SPLASH). Damn, he just performed a perfect Bogata.
(b) So I was Bogata'd out of boat at 30 mph in Rockport and almost died. Good times.

7. Did you see that dude acting like a Bogata all day, talk sh*t to everyone about how much he can drink and last the longest, and then pass out first? Wow.

8. That dude thinks he is Bogata or something.

9. I can't believe that guy got so Bogataheaded at the wedding. It was so SOTA. HEEEIIIIIYYYYTT!
by whipout July 14, 2008
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