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Mysterious and forboding shadow creatures from the dead that inhabit this world unseen, not yet ready to embrace they're final destiny. They are harbingers of death, destruction, and evil, the embodiment of Satan him/herself.
In the room where the girls were sleeping soundly he could see five bodachs hovering over the bed menacingly.

(from "Odd Thomas", Dean Koontz novel)
by Ronzo3 April 29, 2005
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Scots "bode-ach", originally Gaelic "bott-ach"

An affectionate/neutral term for an old man. Can also be used in the diminutive form "bodachan", referring to someone too old and insignificant to useful, or "bod", referring to a short man. "Bodach glas" (pale old man) can also refer to a ghost or spectre.

One of the 282 Munro's is called "Am Bodach" (uhm bott-ach), which translates simply to the "The Old Man".
"Come inside from the rain, you sleekit bodach!"
"That bodachan in the shop short-changed me when I was picking up my messages."
by Aqy December 16, 2015
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