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A person who is creepy and thinks their smooth.
1) That guy winked at me with a huge smile, he's such a bochey.

2) Guy: Excuse me are you a magnet? because im attracted to you.

Girl: Don't talk to be your such a Bochey
by jcerulli89 August 20, 2007
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anyone who acts or does creepy things,kumons giving evil looks at a cracka trying to learn math, a sweaty palmed boy grabbing your hand during the notebook, leaving japanese people a 5% tip, hugging someone and picking them up, or hugging someone so hard their back cracks, or making a facebook group with a creepy monologue
joe was a total bochey when he grabbed taylors hand with his sweaty palms during the notebook sex scene
by joe cerulli August 19, 2007
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