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• Anyone under 12 (mental age) who is a burden (noob)to their team in a 5v5 moba Mobile Legends. Most of the time only knows how to use Marksman.

• Doesn't understand command, love to start war without full team, chase kills, farm the whole jungle while ignoring turrets and map blind.
*3 bocah chooses mm*
Mage: 1 mm!
*Bocah ignores and locks mm resulting the team to have more than 1 mm*

Tank: *initiates war at mid lane*
*whole team joins*
Bocah: *still farming*
*Teammates all died*
Bocah: *charges at enemies*
Teammates: Retreat! Wait for us! Retreat!
Bocah: *jumps into the group of enemies and dies tragically*
Team: F*ck bocah!!!
by Superh0t February 03, 2019
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