Hockey player for the Boston Bruins. Greatest fucking hockey player ever. Better than Wayne.
Yo, did you see that sweet ass goal by Bobby Orr?
Yeah, he's the best ever.
by fdsfsd March 4, 2006
By far the greatest hockey player of all time!! Totally changed da game 4ever! and always gave it 110 percent.
Bobby Orr was da 'Jimi Hendrix' of ice hockey! lol

Gretzky was just crappy Jimmy Page.
by mr. dood June 4, 2006
1.The result of a women shaving pubic hair into a thin strip similar to landing strip. So named because of resemblance to the single strip of tape that Bobby Orr would place around hockey stick.
2.Fashion frequently modeled by New England area Strippers during the 1970's
Hey Joe check out the Bobby Orr on that Dancer!
by zwickey March 8, 2013