A white guy who gets all the black girls in school
Damn Bobby B gets all the black bitches!!
by bigballer6996 April 13, 2020
A fictional character created by RecycleMyself and Haylee that is supposed to be the fictional character The Joker's older brother.

He uses a catchphrase. "Bobby B. Boker, at your service! Myeeah! What's up, Doc'?"
"Hey, have you heard of The Joker's Brother, Bobby B. Boker?"
"Yeah, I heard he uses some sort of catchphrase for introducing himself?"
by Recycle Myself February 20, 2022
A Bobby B Benson is someone who is secretly a furry and their fursona is a Bee. Their fetish is older women. They typically like to sit around being a party destroyer and suing people for fun as well. They usually hide out at bars and love watch football and lacross. They usually call their friends homie even though that's an old word.
"Do you see that guy over there in a bee costume, yeah he's like 24 and he hit one me, he's such a Bobby B Benson. "
by WindexXP July 17, 2018
usually defined as a cheating whole. he acts tough around the few friends he actually has but is actually a pussy. he is a little faggot and i can say that because he is secretly gay. (also his voice always cracks) he is constantly needing something and always needs reassurance of everything.
See that little bobby b(323)? He is a little bitch.
by nutellabruh November 5, 2019